Close to 7 years

With over 550 blogs published in the last 6 years (this blog will be 7 years old in this July) I’ve been terrible at updating this site in the recent times. The last post was four months ago which is a long-long time.

Anyway, I want to say I’ve had a writer’s block but let me be very honest. I’ve been writing and I’ve been saving endless drafts but these writings and little pieces don’t really go anywhere. They usually have no ends and they amount to nothing substantial just like the smoke of the cigarette disappears as it rises (my fascination with cigarettes). And then there are some which are complete and can be shared but I don’t. I think those pieces are either too raw or too personal.

I wrote for this blog because I would experience things in my daily life (bleh! I still do). But I mean things I saw during my commute, meeting people at work. Interacting with clients/agencies and having more conversations.

I’ll repeat what the world has been saying for too long that the new normal is different and that it has been hard on most of us. And that these last months/year has been brutal in a way that’s shocking for most of us. I’ll not go in to the details of how it impacted me and how I dealt with things but I’ll just talk a little bit about how it impacted my writing.

With me not traveling as much as I would it left me in a weird state where I’d draw inspiration from other things. Initially during the lockdowns I’d write about trees, skies and what not. That faded away and my short trips to the terrace ended because they closed the entry.

This terrace was an escape and it witness so many variations of my mood. I would spend my evening and almost all of my weekends there. Luckily, I could see trees and the clear skies and birds. The tree right outside the building would be a house to over a 50 pigeons. They would land and sit on their fixed spots as the sun would go down. It would be a sight to see and since I like airplanes I’d imagine an air traffic control unit communicating with each pigeon telling it where to land and the other pigeons already resting on the branches would adjust to make room.

Photo by Jordan Benton on

And then the world started going back to its usual routine. We saw an increase in the number of cases and in the traffic as well. I guess this was the new normal? I think it was/is the new normal.

With this I will end this blog and make a promise that I’ll be more regular and try and take out more time to write. As I fight my challenges and demons I hope the readers here have been well.

Until next time!

P.S. I hate the smell of cigarettes/smoke.

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