Haiku #12

I woke up early Heard birds chirping How beautiful nature is

Haiku #11 Desert

Walking in the desert alone He comes across a man dressed in white An image of fountain crosses his mind.

Haiku #10 Mind

Stuck on things That doesn't matter Strange mind is

Haiku #9 – Life and Death

Everything fell silent Nothing moved,not a sound to be heard He didn't breath again. -Jafar Rehman And that's how life ends,all of a sudden.

Haiku #8 – Life

I often wonder Where will I end up in life Maybe somewhere I always wanted to be?

Haiku 13

  Taking long breaths He stopped near the building And a friend leapt from behind Wrote this 11 months ago, back in December 2014 and posting it now. Did not made sense back then and still doesn't but anyway.

Haiku 7

Cold winter night Not a soul to be seen A gunshot heard Pardon me for using the same setting(nights) in most haiku(s), but they seem to work for me, making me better at relating to a lot of things. Thank you. And oh well this is my 100th post on WordPress, achievement it is for… Continue reading Haiku 7

Haiku 6

Chilly winter nights Wind blowing fiercely in every direction A beggar shivers with cold. Fb Page 🙂

Haiku 5

A smile like hers Never seen anywhere in the world Took his senses away

Haiku 4

The sight of you Dancing in all your glory Takes my breath away