Woman in a car

Ma'am if you happen to read this then consider it a miracle. I saw you the other day when I was in the auto. You were in a Honda Civic the car I liked very much. Some other gentleman drove the car while you looked at something, your expressions were blank and I hate to… Continue reading Woman in a car

Deaths and Depression

It is actually funny to see people react to a celebrity committing suicide. ¬†Everybody is suddenly aware and cares about this issue. Now, consider me a sadist or anything but that's not the point I am trying to make here. ¬†It is perfectly okay to sympathize with the death of a star or some one… Continue reading Deaths and Depression

No,not yet

you open your eyes what do you see my friend? some hope or is it the despair again? no,don't lose hope not yet for there is so much waiting for you ahead