Garmi ka ek din

Hello again. I recently invested in a diary and now my aim is to put it to a good use. Today, I wrote a short story and a sher. Now you will have to wait for the sher because this post will have the story. Read it and let me know your views. 🙂


I am no Puneet

There is a guy named Puneet out there who looks like me. How do I know about that? Well, let me tell you a story.

I entered this metro and stood to one side knowing very well that it will get crowded soon. After five minutes I realize that this guy sitting on a seat is staring at me, I look at him and he hesitates and then looks away. Then I notice him looking at me again, he is looking at me in the manner of enquiry and I realize that. So I plan to ignore him and continue standing, looking around and observing people.

After a while, he points towards me and says- “Tumhara naam Puneet hai kya?” (Is your name Puneet?), I tell him no and he is like um..Okay. Believe me., he was a little disappointed but that is again life. It is full of disappointments but let’s not get into that. I turned out and laughed it was funny for me.

Well, Mr. Puneet I am not really sure if we look alike or not but that guy did confuse me with you.

Well, Mr. Puneet I am not really sure if we look alike or not but that guy did confuse me with you.
I wish you good luck and I wish that gentleman good luck and he may find you very soon.

*Raises glass* To Puneet and to me!

Bye! my friends, until next random entry here. And yep see this photograph too. 🙂


From the Book Fair


That call

None of them believed me, for the thing I told them was of a very strange nature. Most of the people would have never heard such a thing and imagining it was beyond the capability of many. After I was done speaking, I realized my throat was dry and the strange silence had enveloped us all. Suddenly the telephone rang and broke the silence and the occupants of the room looked at each other with puzzled looks wondering who would be calling at this odd hour.

Mr. Anderson finally got up from his comfortable leather chair and picked up the phone, relieving us of the terrible sound. He said ‘Hello’, and then exclaimed how could this be possible? I soon realized that he wasn’t talking to the caller but to all of us in the room.

Things were beyond the level of my belief, the confusion was now overwhelming and the face of Mr. Anderson told another story which we all were guessing now. I could now see the tension and the fear building up amongst the occupants and realized that I wasn’t only one afraid in the room. This thought was both comforting and scary in a way.


Outside the window




I was looking out the window and this is what it looked like. The auto-rickshaws, cars and buses passed by and I looked at all of them. I looked at the bus that went towards the capital of India and saw several faces sitting inside the bus, some were tired and sleepy, some looked out of their windows eagerly and tried to capture the details of the small city called Moradabad and some were actually sleeping and had no interest in the view outside the vehicle.

It was a matter of 30-40 minutes and the clock showed time as 11 in the night and the sound of announcements of railway station started getting more clearer and I could hear the lady announcing that a particular train will be arriving at the station on No. 2 platform in 10 minutes and the train on No. 3 platform was about to leave. By now the street was completely empty and I turned around and closed the window and sat on the sofa and breathed the humid air of the hotel room. It was time to sleep.

As the smoke rose up

I think I could have done a better job if I had my camera with me but anyway I like this photograph I took. Looks like a scene from some movie, where a bad guy is standing at a train signal and waits for the train to pass. As he waits, he is smoking a cigarette or a cigar as I like to imagine. Tell me if this photograph triggers a story in your head as well. Now I could write a story on it and it would go like this-

He had committed a heinous crime and after that he rose up from the ground and kicked the body and grabbed the curtain to clean his hand. After cleaning his hands and removing the blood, he took his phone out and called someone and said, “I am coming out.”

He came out and found his friend waiting with a motorbike and they both nodded their head. He then took the motorbike from his partner and drove it away from the town and arrived at a railway crossing. As he waited for the train to pass, he took out a cigarette and lit it, hoping that it would take some of his headache away.


I hope you liked what I wrote. It would be great if you could avoid looking at the mistakes if I made some. Let me know your views. 🙂

That house

Date – 27Dec 2015 11:13pm

Entry 1

The weather is cold and it is a moonless night. The wind is fierce tonight and I hear a wolf howl somewhere in the distance.

I am writing from the haunted house where I have been stuck for weeks now. There are no doors and I see no way out but I find food on the dining table everyday and all the other necessary things one might need.
To be honest with you I find this place nice but I would need someone with me here because it gets alone and the days seem like years.
I hear people going about in the hall when I try to sleep in my room but I never see anyone in the house.

Date – 30 Dec 2015 11:45pm

Entry 2

Little did I know that it was me all this time. I was dead and that was a normal house, there were people alive there but they couldn’t see me like I couldn’t see them.

You must wonder how did I arrive at this conclusion and I must tell you about it ……

I hear your voice on the line – Daily Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”

Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. GO!

I hear your voice on the line although the connection wasn’t right but I am glad that I could talk. Hearing you was a blessing to me, like I finally drank water after remaining thirsty for days. It made me feel alive and I am now sitting here amidst the confusion and noise and commotion wishing I could have it for one more second but the moment is gone and now the line is dead. I am now going where I belong and I might take long and not return but I want you to know that I miss you, I really do. Do not be disappointed that we couldn’t talk for longer and you couldn’t hear my voice as clearly as you wanted to, believe me it’s not the end and things will be better and the sun will shine soon.
We are fighting them and we will win, I will serve and die for my country,do not worry because these are just the hard times we are going through. I must go,Mother. Do not worry,there will be peace. There will be.

P.S. I am looking for the door that would take me to the other side(hint:Narnia).

His Guilt – Short Story

He sat near his window staring into the dark night and thought about what he had done. Something had gotten into him and it all happened very fast. Now the night and the darkness did not scare him like they used to, the monsters that chased him weren’t there anymore but he was afraid, he was still afraid. He felt like running and something invisible thing chased him, his guilt chased him.

He lifted his hand up and saw that the blood was now drying and it was much darker in colour. He had done it and there was no going back, he looked at the dead face and it’s eyes were still open,dead yet shining. He looked into them, there was something deep about them, it held him like they were trying to say something. He turned his face towards the window and stared back into the darkness and thought about what he had done.

You are weird.

I said to her,“You’re weird” and she replied Thank you.
And then there was a long silence between us for a while.
After a while she suddenly said,“But why do you think so?”
I had no answer really,it was just something I just said without thinking maybe because I liked her because she was different and that different could sometimes be called weird but I couldn’t tell her that.I couldn’t just tell her that I liked her and I stood silent just staring at her.
She was expecting me to answer and she repeated her question again.
I replied saying,“You know weird is good”.
“What do you mean weird is good?”she asked me.
I mean being weird is completely okay and I like weird people.
She wasn’t satisfied with my poor explanation,obviously nobody would be.
She said,”I’ll see you in next class”
And I stood there staring at her and wondering if she’ll ever know.

I wrote this on tumblr a few days ago,sharing it here.
Prompt from here –

Trip In The Night – Short Story

I was in the carraige and the horse suddely stopped making me fall on the floor.Everything was silent and I could hear the horse drawing breath,I heard footsteps approaching the carraige.Someone stopped outside the door and everything fell silent again,it was unearthly and I was scared but eager to see whose footsteps I had just heard and why isn’t he knocking at my carraige’s door.
I couldn’t wait any longer and opened the door and looked outside expecting to face someone scary in the dark night,but there wasn’t anyone there.I took a step out and saw a pair of boots in front of the door.Someone was here and he went off without his shoes,I was puzzled and went to the front of the carraige to enquire it from the coachman but he wasn’t there,neither were the horses.To be honest with you I wasn’t scared until this moment but as I couldn’t see both coachman and horses,I was scared very scared.
I went back to the door and saw that the shoes were gone and immediately realized that someone was there,taking breath and I looked up there was a man on the top of the carraige and I shouted and fell down and I also woke up and realized that I was on the floor.
It was a dream,imagine if it was real?

The End.
Jafar Rehman

Thank you for reading,this is bound to have mistakes.I did not read it again or edit it.I’d like your views about it in comments.
I enjoy writing horror and mystery.

Thank you again.

Note- I wanted to keep this short,else I would have killed someone in the story. 😉