Grave project

I am sitting under this big tree on a big ground. This ground surprisingly is from my school and I just happen to remember it clearly. Anyway, I am sitting there under the tree and I am all by myself. I am digging the soil with my nails and I keep doing it for a… Continue reading Grave project

Snack time

This photo was taken in New Delhi. Groups of families live under the flyovers and mothers would tend their children there, while others play and some beg when the light turns red and cars stop waiting for the light to turn green again. In the photograph a man is seen giving samosa (snack)  to one… Continue reading Snack time

Let’s humiliate each other.

People are going to mock you and they will try to make you feel low. They will find the opportunities like a hungry lion looks for it's prey. But my friend the reality is you and I aren't perfect and we will never be. So the situation today is - Let's humiliate each other and… Continue reading Let’s humiliate each other.

Raksha Bandhan

Today is Raksha Bandhan (रक्षा बन्धन) is a festival that celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. This lady was selling rakhis and other decorative material.She asked "Yeh photo magazine mai aaega?"(Will this photo come in a magazine) I replied no I am just clicking it for my own sake.And then she posed for… Continue reading Raksha Bandhan

Travel Diary #1

 As he sat there on a random seat of the bus that would take him close to his destination.The bus moved through the traffic at uneven speed with the driver constantly blaring horn to make way. The sun was dull because the clouds covered it and it was to rain soon,as the bus moved he saw through the window he noticed small towns ,colourful,advertising banners everywhere and people were busy doing things,getting in and off the vehicles,someone running to catch a leaving bus and pushing people and skipping puddles on the way so that he makes it,on the other side some ate from the street vendors things like chat,pakoras and fruit chats(fruit salads),dogs circling them so they get to eat whatever they drop.There was rush everywhere and people moved like it was the last day on this earth,last day to earn money and last day to compete. Bus almost came to a stop and people started getting in and off the same bus he was in and he looked at his watch realizing he was running late,he too was in the race.

Can you handle the truth?

Hello welcome to the world everyone is cute,smart and sexy or everyone is trying to be,despite the fact the reality can and may be different in most of the times.Does all these fake/unreal compliments make you ready to handle reality or say the truth?  I might sound like a jerk who prefers to tell people that they aren’t good looking,they aren’t beautiful but no I am not that guy,but I just believe in truth rather than comforting people with stupid lies.Why would you lie to people?Why would you tell someone that they are the most beautiful person in the world when they and you know that it is a pure lie.Later they start forming this attitude based on a false idea that they are the most beautiful person in the world and then along the turn will come someone to show them a mirror and that’ll break them.Beauty is something what’s inside and looks have absolutely nothing to do with it. See,the idea is that one should not get motivated and move ahead on something that is not true.I mean why don’t we find comfort in truth?Why do we have to be perfect?Why be the most beautiful according to some set standard?Aren’t blind people familiar with beauty?Don’t tell me they aren’t.Do we owe anything to anyone? A female has to be in perfect shape i.e in perfect body ratio and males need to have perfectly shaped abs.It is not a bad thing obviously to be in good shape but it’s not necessary and being healthy is what’s important and doing things for yourself so your confidence would improve shall be one of the main motto.People do it for other people who hardly care because they are in the race too of being better and looking better so people can like them on just the grounds of looks. Leo Tolstoy said “It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.”He said enough in just several words,we will consider a good looking person as someone who’s good and better than one who’s not so good looking.I do not mean you go around telling people that they aren’t good,smart or whatever but I’m addressing to all those people who want to know that they are beautiful and in perfect shape,you are good and nearly perfect with those looks you have,you do not need somebody to tell you that you aren’t beautiful,you do not want to hear lies and you do not want lies because looks doesn’t define you and your personality. This is what I think,I see on my facebook people fishing for likes and comments from people who lie or just be nice so they wouldn’t hurt feelings of their friends.We do not need approval and we do not have to follow the set stupid standards,this is what makes people insecure,suicidal at times,indulging in activities which aren’t good for them and in a manner forces people to adjust where it’s not even necessary.Be comfortable because beauty is something in the inside and I can’t define it for now.I’d like to hear from the readers as well. I wrote this earlier but this is going to my response for writing prompt here Jafar Rehman

Problem of Rape and some possible solutions.

Let me talk about rape,these are strictly my views.Feel free to share and comment. I was reading today's newspaper and this sure caught my attention(you'll read about rape almost everyday).Headline was "One rape every 30 minutes in India",2.7 Lakh cases reported in 13 years.These stats tell you one thing about humans,that they are beasts. Now,the… Continue reading Problem of Rape and some possible solutions.

The Joy of Being Photographed

Being photographed isn't much of a deal these days.But for those who haven't been photographed,it's a pure joy and happiness.I happen to meet two young boys and was lucky enough to make them happy for a day or two by simply photographing them. I wanted to go out and photograph some landscape,so I called my… Continue reading The Joy of Being Photographed