Another farewell

Feb 14th, 9:58 am and I am standing at the coffee machine while it whirrs and makes it usual noise. The warning says you must turn the machine off after work hours. What are the work hours? My bad I am not going to divert this conversation to one of my thoughts. By the way,… Continue reading Another farewell

34 percent

I have had my fill. This thought ran through his mind constantly. Tapping some random keys on the laptop, he looked around and saw everyone reeked of mediocrity and sadness and lost hope. Or maybe he reeked of all those things. You'd never know. The problem as you see is, I do not know my… Continue reading 34 percent

We complete 2 years

I just remembered that 2 years ago on this same date I started this blog. I wrote a post last year but that was kind of planned, unlike this one. Well, I have read great things here and talked to even more awesome people. I haven't been really active on the blog but I try… Continue reading We complete 2 years

Hey there!

People the truth is that I still haven't got used to this new reader wordpress introduced several months ago. I start to read here and then close the tab in frustration. Also I don't have as much time I used to have so you know I am not active here. But yes I miss reading… Continue reading Hey there!

Thank you note!

I was checking my email and replying to the comments on my latest post and I saw the date 23/July/2015. This is the date when I started blogging in the year 2014.So,I have completed one year of blogging,though I registered here in 2011.Anyway,here is my first post,read here. Right now I have some very amazing… Continue reading Thank you note!

Putting some thoughts in words

Aren't we all lovers here? With broken hearts,if not bones? Aren't we all trying to say something And we think this is the best way,Maybe? Am I a poet? A storyteller? Or a photographer? I don't know I am still finding myself And finding my voice? Are we all creative Or are we in awe… Continue reading Putting some thoughts in words

Thank You Readers – Achievement Unlocked

When I started blogging I had no freaking idea what I would write about.I just started it and had been delaying it since 2011(lame,right?).The stuff I wrote in my diary was nothing but a work of someone who just dreamed and never worked hard.I considered myself below average,thought too less of me.I still do that… Continue reading Thank You Readers – Achievement Unlocked

Journey – Daily Prompt.

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one. Journey,it has to be one of my favourite words. I've always been a fan of this word,it holds lots of meanings for me and I think one can't really get enough of it(okay,I made it a little confusing). I… Continue reading Journey – Daily Prompt.

Hindsight Daily Prompt

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Hindsight." Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post. Well,this is going to be exciting.This blog is not even six months old,yes it started on 23rd July 2014,and it has been one great journey of my little life.Now please give… Continue reading Hindsight Daily Prompt

An award for very inspiring blog

This is my reply to Miss Maryam,a blogger I know through word press.I was nominated for "Very Inspiring Blogger Award".I wonder when did I inspire someone(knowingly or otherwise),but let's focus on things that matter,I'd like to thank her for the nomination.I having been talking and using this blog to write whatever is on my mind… Continue reading An award for very inspiring blog