Post midnight

You’ve dozed off and the world continues to go on. The pace of the world is a little different after midnight. The smaller cars and bikes are replaced with the load-bearing trucks that enter the city to meet its demands. 

The poets, students, storytellers, and troubled ones stay up. Some sit by their tables and lamps while some lie down on the bed staring at the ceiling wondering where does it end? What’s the purpose of it all?

A couple of dogs howl at the moon. The cat takes a stroll and the pigeon is cooing making sure the rivals know that it is his territory. 

What is it about the power that we all seek in our own ways? Men seek it over women and women seek it over men and men over men and women over women. 

The ones who travel at night to cover great distances often find themselves in a situation where they wonder if it was worth it? Would they still be present the next morning when they finally make it to their destination or will they be Constantly fighting with themselves? Fighting with the unescapable sleep. The body shuts down and the senses numb down. If only they could catch a 10-hour-long nap. 

If only. The pace of the world is a little different after midnight.

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