An empty scary corridor

The crawler

The candle is not going to last long!

These were his thoughts as he sat on the chair staring at the wall. Through his window, he could hear his neighbours in the opposite building arguing about something as simple as why didn’t one of them close the fan when they left the room. The argument ended with these words: “The backup would have lasted longer if you were more careful.” He nodded and agreed with that logic but then again he thought – for how long? Why does one think they can stretch things for so long and that we have control?

He snapped out of that thought. Because of no electricity for over 10 hours and late hours the night fell silent. Not a single sound made everything unreal. The city that was always full of life and light was silent – like it was sleeping. And it would wake up all of a sudden and it will be alive again. It seemed like a distant dream with the current situation. He thought

The night has just begun.

The candle flickered and notified him of its end. He accepted it with an open mind and waited for it to die. Any moment now. But then he felt something crawling in the next room. It was clear someone was in the room and whatever it was – wasn’t on the floor or ceiling but on the walls. A thought came – could it be a lizard? But why would he feel its presence so much? It was something else and something big.

The candle flickered again and he thought – now is not the time for it to go off. Burn a little longer, please?

Suddenly the door flung open and he saw a tall dark ugly creature standing there. He had never seen anything like that ever before and he stood frozen. The creature growled and looked ready to pounce. It took a step towards him and the candle went out.

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