That house

Date - 27Dec 2015 11:13pm Entry 1 The weather is cold and it is a moonless night. The wind is fierce tonight and I hear a wolf howl somewhere in the distance. I am writing from the haunted house where I have been stuck for weeks now. There are no doors and I see no way… Continue reading That house

Comic #2

The second one Link to Comic 1( You might want to see this one first) THANK YOU!


DAILY PROMPT How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now? _____________________________________ Life I think would be different if I was incapable of feeling fear. It is hard to say if it would be better or worse due to so many… Continue reading Fearless

In the car- Photo Post

I was trying out my new lens. AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G


This is BMW 5 series.

Comic #1

Hey there fellow bloggers. I have never talked about comics or expressed my desire to make them one day. I decided to start with them, not caring how stupid and bad they look. Here is the first one I have made, I'd be happy to have your comments on it, tell me if it makes… Continue reading Comic #1

Christmas 2015

Here is my photograph for Christmas. Enjoy the remaining days of this year.


Well the first rule said I need to thank the blogger who nominated, so thank you Pratyusha. 🙂 Clicking here will take you to her blog. I have put the logo below. Seven facts about me?  Let’s see what I can do about it. 1. I am amazingly bad at smileys. I just know these… Continue reading Award

In the bazaar

Link to 500px.

The coffee shop.

Miss Book Thief wrote a poem with a different perspective and it has turned out be great, at least I think so.
The link to my work is below, you’d want to read it to make the whole thing a little sensible.

Literature Is My Porn

This is the girl’s perspective of the poem The Coffee Shop by Jafar. I loved it so much, so I wrote this. You can read his poem by clicking on the link.

I’m the girl in the coffee shop

Writing about you, the boy

On the other side of

The glass door.

Rihanna is crooning in my ear

About how even if she reaches all her fingers

She can feel more than distance between them.

And that’s how I feel

Looking at you

You spot me, and I quickly

Duck my head down, pretending

To doodle in my notebook.

I see you come and sit inside

Out of the corner of my eye

You think I don’t notice you

But, I watch you everyday

When you’re not looking.

It’s been days now

My book is full of poems, about

The way the sunlight glints in your hair,

Turning it brown

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