Desire to fly.

Sharing something I wrote in 2014.

Thoughts of a Crooked Mind

Okay,I am not just going to talk about a bird but something more important.I mentioned earlier that I like to find out something positive and interesting out of common things.So yes this is one of my post where I tell you about an encounter I had with a fledgling a while ago.

There are two birds making a nest in a gap above my room and they keep coming and going and this goes on for several days and after some days the mother(I figured it out),is frantically looking for food,every time I see her she has something in her beak,either an earthworm or a little cockroach.It is now clear that she has newborn in that nest and I being a curious one with a camera was able to take a look at them secretly.Several days later the two newborns come out of their nest,and they are in my homeā€¦

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