Who lives there?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clean Slate.”

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

On my right there are two shelves with around 160+ books and magazines,there are several DVD’s of play station and movies.In the middle of those two large shelves there is a television and just above the television there is a painting framed.Moving on to the left there is a bed.The room is simple and has minimalistic approach.The person who lives there seems to be amazing,well no surprises because it’s me who lives there,well not me it’s more of a common room.
Most of those books and novels and magazines belong to my brother,I just borrow them.I had planned to read the whole shelve and I’ve made incredible progress. 😀

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