The Stone Monkey by Jeffery Deaver

The Stone Monkey by Jeffery Deaver
This isn’t a review but a quick follow up,purely based on personal views.I selected this book because it was in Select Editions by Reader’s Digest,although the first on the list was Step Ball Change by Jeanne Ray but I wasn’t in the mood of a romantic story so skipped to this one.

It is one of those books which sticks to the point and doesn’t go into unnecessary details(well most books don’t)but this one just keeps it pretty much accurate.Story in simple words is about a team in NYC trying to capture and arrest a Chinese human trafficker who’s coming to Long Island with a ship loaded with illegal immigrants.The story moves in a very sensible manner,focusing on the crime and also shedding good amount of light in the lives of the main characters.
There is much more than what I said,but I prefer leaving that part to the readers so they can discover on their own.The ending is great and leaves you satisfied.
A good crime mystery.Recommended to people interested in this genre (Mystery,Crime,Thriller,Suspense).

If you have read the book,then please tell me your views.

Next is – The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans.

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